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Website Project (down payment or final)

$750.00 = 1/2 project cost of $1,500 

All website projects are setup as two payments.  The down payment of 1/2 the project cost, and the final payment of the remaining 1/2 of the project cost.  Final payments are due when the new website goes ‘live’, even if all the content hasn’t been received when ready to launch.  Many projects are developed and go live before a business is actually open, so often more images/text comes after the website is live.  For this purpose we provide free updates for six-months after the website goes live.

All website projects come with basic SEO (search engine optimization) built-in.  However, if you would like to discuss how our advanced SEO campaigns can really help your business ‘get noticed online’, please let us know.  SEO campaign’s start at $40/month and go up from there based on a number of factors such as your keywords, competition, and needs.


Credit Cards


You will receive an email receipt the moment the payment is processed.
For check payments: Contact us and we will create and email an invoice.